Workshops, offsites, and team building exercises with, for and on purpose.

Team engagements tend to spring from Individual relationships as a way to bring the work we’ve done personally to a broader group (team,, cohort, class).  Examples of the work I do with teams includes:

  • Integrated Strengths Framework – A workshop adaptation on CliftonStrengths, featuring individual Strengths assessments and overlaid and augmented by full team data providing insight on the team as a whole and sum of its parts. A powerful way to help teams connect, understand and trust one another better, identify how they can work better together while building a shared language for communicating.
  • A Class for Finding and Evolving your Purpose – A class based on the new and thriving class at Rutgers titled Find and Evolve your Purpose Driven Career. A powerful approach to holistic self-awareness and understanding, supplemented by curated content and materials, complemented by cohort-based learning and feedback, ultimately leading to an ability to communicate your understanding of your purpose with confidence and conviction.

Interested in exploring how I can help your team in support of team, goals and progress? Let’s talk!

I’m looking forward to it; and if I’m not the ideal fit for you, I’m happy to connect you to someone who will be.