Coaching, advising, and consulting with, for and, on purpose. 

Individual engagements are designed jointly to support your unique strengths, values, goals and realities. Examples of the work I do with individuals includes:

  • Foundational Storytelling – An immersive interview and playback exercise that builds a strong foundation for developmental work you are looking forward to doing. Whether you’re engaging with a coach, looking at a career change, evaluating a way to build stronger connections to what you currently do, this is an exceptional and fast way to ensure you’re standing on solid ground with greater self-awareness.
  • Momentum Sessions – An episodic engagement where you create space to step back from your rigorous operating cadence (bi-weekly, monthly, more ad-hoc and on-demand) and focus on the progress you have made and use that to fuel and reprioritize the progress you want to make next. 
  • Coaching – A consistent, structured conversation designed against a shared understanding of long-term priorities, evolution and realization. We use a variety of assessments and frameworks based on your Strengths, Values, Goals, Dreams, how you learn and process information, and ultimately, where you tend to hit blocks and ruts.
  • Integrated Self-Assessments – An immersive exercise in pulling together information from various sources (past reviews, past assessments, 360 feedback, Foundational Storytelling exercises) to give you a balanced, holistic, integrated perspective on where you stand today; invaluable as a primer and prologue to forward-looking work and journey mapping.

Interested in exploring how I can join your personal team in support of what’s on your mind? Let’s talk! I’m excited to join your team as one of your biggest fans and supporters.

I’m looking forward to it; and if I’m not the ideal fit for you, I’m happy to connect you to someone who will be.