… from Coaching Clients

“I have had mentors and executive sponsors over the course of my 20 + year career and none have come close to being as rad as Suneet. Suneet’s ability to actively listen, translate, guide and validate is staggering. His experience in operational and strategic leadership provides him the background, however, the ease at which he understands and coaches is truly exceptional.

Suneet’s knack for distilling complex concepts into practical, actionable steps is a testament to his expertise. His guidance has not only accelerated my professional growth but also instilled in me a deeper sense of confidence and purpose.

What sets Suneet apart is not just his impressive knowledge, but his genuine commitment to the success of those he mentors. He invests time, energy, and empathy into every interaction, making me feel valued and understood.

Suneet’s leadership style is a perfect blend of inspiration and empowerment. He doesn’t just tell you what to do; he helps you discover your own potential and guides you in unl
ocking it!”

“I introduced Suneet’s Happy, Proud, Not Yet Satisfied framework and exercise to my work team after we had just had a big push towards a product launch. We were exasperated by the end of it. I led an exercise on reflecting on our last 6 months and Happy. Proud. Not Yet Satisfied helped us see the forest through the trees on our accomplishments. I love that it goes beyond the professional and really puts perspective on the fuller picture of our whole self. I heard from a few team members that that exercise was the inspiration they needed during that time to recognize the hard work, impact and priorities they wanted to focus on in the next 6 months.”

“As people, if not careful we can make achieving our goals similar to a Rubix Cube… complicated for no reason.  Through going through Suneet’s program in Happy, Proud, Not Yet Satisfied I’ve been able to recalibrate how I live life and simplify reaching goals and overall life satisfaction.”  I’ve seen Suneet’s influence with over 3 generations of people and they all leave with valuable insight to radically change their lives. Suneet’s pedagogy and teaching style help people unearth how to lead a life full of purpose and impact.”