Tim Thyne on Lacing Together your Authentic Story

Tim and I started working together at Help Scout in 2016.

I could say many things about him. For a short while, he was the best sales person I’d had the pleasure of working with. That quickly adapted to Tim being the most thoughtful person I’d worked with when it came to thinking about revenue, holistically.

Those sentiments haven’t changed. They are all still true.

But with space, what I’ve come to appreciate about Tim is the human being he is. I watch him with his family. I watch him celebrate and honor those he’s lost. I watch him care for those who’ve entrusted him to do so.

And I’m humbled to know him and honored to have him as someone I can follow, learn from, and connect with as turns and crossroads present themselves.

I assure you, none of the above is in the least bit overstated. It’s rare that competency and compassion find equal footing without tradeoff. If you’re building a company, building a network, or building a family (and also, building a house — seriously, like constructing a house with your bare hands) you’ll be better off after a conversation wit him.

Find Tim on LinkedIn and Twitter. Say hi. It’ll be worth it.

PS – Love you too, bud.