Cecilia Haynes on Lacing Together Experiences to Build your Next Bridge

Cecilia and I have found our way forward together at two companies. She captures your imagination, your trust, and your heart.

Cecilia’s story was one that was begging to be told. We were lucky to find her when we did, and what fell into our laps was someone with the most authentic passion (for everything), incredible energy and integrity, but early on, a somewhat amorphous approach to a career. Cecilia expanded to fill the space in the role that was created for her. But she always waited for the space to be defined before allowing herself to expand.

After a couple of challenging experiences, we inverted the discussion. With someone like Cecilia, you want to harness and channel that energy and intellect. You want to point and shoot. You don’t want to pour and fill.

So we did. And over the course of the next few years Cecilia has focused her story and her approach to her career, becoming one of the best Product Marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with . More importantly however, her impact on every business she’s worked at since has been profound. Central to their transformation.

Which is why her willingness to share these few minutes here makes my day. I think the world of Cecilia, and it’s nice to know that I was able to play a role in her finding her story and fueling her next step.

She’s one in a million. As a co-worker, as a friend, and as a human. Check her out on LinkedIn. You won’t regret it.