Andrew Capland on Bridges and Laces, Life and Work

I met Andrew when I interviewed at Wistia for a Head of Growth / Head of Revenue role in 2016. The Wistia team was incredible across the board, and even after turning down the opportunity, I found myself staying in touch with the people.

Andrew was one of those people because he’s so authentic, so thoughtful, so committed to doing the right thing. He’s the kind of person you root for to succeed, and when you have the opportunity to support someone like that on their journey, you just do it.

Andrew has built quite a brand for himself because of that authenticity, that commitment — and also because he knows his $4!+ when it comes to all things business and growth.

If you’re looking to follow someone who can help you understand how to grow your business, how to grow your career, and how to share your story in a way that other people naturally gravitate toward, I encourage you to follow Andrew.

I’m lucky to know him.

Find Andrew on LinkedIn or in his element on his own endeavor, doing what he does best in name and action, Delivering Value.