Kind Words

The stories we tell are assembled differently. Sometimes we start with a destination in mind, and the challenge is building the bridge to get there. At other times we have all the elements of a brilliant story, the challenge is tying those disparate pieces together into a single, coherent narrative. I pride myself on being a partner to you, whether you’re setting out to build a bridge, or searching for laces to tie your story together.

As you consider inviting me along on your journey, I hope you find the below helpful. Kind words from people whose stories I’ve helped unearth, frame, and bring to life. May you find their words analogous, informative, and even, inspiring. I’m grateful for their kindness and their words.

Hi, Andrew!

Meet Andrew Capland, Growth husband, father, Marketing expert, and a good human. Andrew shares how he started his story with a focus on work, and found inspiration in fatherhood to evolve his priorities and his authentic story.

Hi, Cecilia!

Meet Cecilia Haynes, one of the best storytellers, product marketers, and human beings I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Listen to her talk about making a deliberate shift in career strategy, from expanding to fill the roles she was given, to creating her ideal role and taking it to the next level.

Hi, Tim!

Meet Tim Thyne, husband, father, Revenue expert, and a good human. Tim talks about the importance of finding your authentic story, and a good way to have it evolve with you and alongside you over time.

Purpose, Clarity in a Pandemic

How the team at Boldr, a mission-driven outsourcing company, used a clear and precise narrative to guide its response to the pandemic, and set the stage for record success – from team member satisfaction to client health.

Purpose through Inclusion

There’s no greater feeling than being recognized by friends and peers for building an inclusive community by helping people find their voice, unearth their story, and participate in their authentic way.